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Earth Girl – hitting the high notes.

earth-girl2Music (and math) are two of the most commonly referred to “universal languages.” Music in particular has a uncanny ability to infect a person, much as a virus or parasite would, with its mood or theme. Whether happy, melancholy, scary, etc., the music gets into your soul and, at least for a short time, can change your outlook on life. Given the potential impact it can have on the audience and the performers, the performance of music is both difficult and rewarding. These things I have come to know through the continued pursuit of musical ability.

Effects of Climate Change on Water Supply in Developed Countries

Climate, rain in particular, has always been a significant factor in water supply planning. Low precipitation is directly connected to droughts, while higher precipitation results in more availability of water.

Another major factor in the water cycle is temperature. The higher it is, the greater the evaporation and the amount of water lost from the land surface. Continue reading

Local Community for the Clean-up of Waterplace Park on Earth Day – Providence RI

Are you near Providence this Saturday 20nd April – come join Natural Health Trust and celebrate Earth Day!


Is time you play your part in making Providence a better place to live and work? Join the community for an Earth Day clean-up of Waterplace Park, preparing it for the upcoming WaterFire season. Let us come together to get rid the place of chairs, tires, bottles, shopping carts and other debris.  And have fun! Continue reading