Monthly Archives: May 2013

Earth Girl – Nature produces a string of miracles!

earth-girl2 The greatest miracle is the life born from the womb of the mother! Every child born has the kiss of the sea and the sun, and blessing of Mother Nature. She is a part of nature, destined to grow with the evolution of mind and spirit. Nature is the friend, philosopher and guide to her.

Nature offers meaningful messages to her on various occasions, depending on her moods. She learns many things from Nature and creates many things as well. Continue reading

Earth Girl – I don’t want my dream to slide

earth-girl2 I’m Earth Girl, the child of Mother Nature. I’ve strange feelings of passion and I need your ear to share my thoughts. Today this morning, I had a bath in Missouri and came out fresh as a rose. I fixed my eyes at the blue sky and waited for someone who would come to me with a horse with quickening pace.

Oh! I would’ve loved the path the horse had galloped on! I would’ve run for miles with both my hands out stretched! I would’ve rode the orchard plot, taken some deep breaths and then climbed the hill to watch the sinking moon. Continue reading

Horrific Drought in Somalia – Just a Cycle of History or More? Water in the less developed World.

Go to Somalia and you will see children running, waving empty bottles and asking for water and food. Thousands of families have lost their livestock and have no regular food supplies. A large number of families are relying on food provided under food-for-work initiative of the UN World Food Program (WFP) and help sent in by Somalis abroad.

Harvest of corn and sorghum has been low in Somalia due to a long-term drought. It has greatly affected grazing lands and water supplies. Continued civil strife in Somalia has only compounded the plight for Somalis, who are now dependent on external help for their survival. Continue reading