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Beddings for a Green Environment

Beddings for a Green EnvironmentWith the world talking about going green all the way and adopting measures to ensure greener and safer environment, why lag behind when it comes to beddings and sleeping bags? The conventional mattresses that we use are made with petroleum-based polyester and polyurethane foam and treated with flame retardants which can emit VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) into your environment causing allergic reactions and other health issues.

Switching over to safer option like Organic and eco-friendly beddings is the most viable choice. Organic beddings are loosely spun with fabrics like cotton and linen. These are warm, relatively cheap, machine washable and give you a comfortable sleep. These breathe, absorb moisture and don’t produce odors.

For a green environment in your bedroom, opt for the following organic options:

  1. Green sheets- Free from chemicals and dyes; soft, warm and soothing for the skin.
  2. Comforters- Blankets for warm and snug feel made of natural organic fibers.
  3. Blankets- A super soft texture for comfy sleep.
  4. Pillows- Made of organic fibers thus, making them hypoallergenic.

Investing in organic beddings is a great way to achieve healthier and eco-friendly environment at your home. These emit no toxic chemicals and naturally resist dust mites. Beddings can be easily stored in a paper or cloth bag with cedar chips or cedar chest to prevent moth damage.

Before switching over, if you’re puzzled as to what to do with your old beddings then you always have the option to recycle. You can make scarves, gloves or ear warmers from the old sleeping bags. Also dog bed, cushions for wooden seats or chair and benches can be made. Another way is to dye and embellish it and make a wall art. Above all, there is a noble cause of giving them away to an old shelter house or animal shelter and contribute for a green world.

This Girl does Yoga

She is not an ordinary girl. She is a daughter, a sister, a best friend, a student, neighbor’s favorite guest, old lady’s companion, animal lover, etc. She plays all these roles and plays them well. Being a multi-faceted, a girl can have her low times too. To gear up and stand back on her toes, she fights through all the commotion through a fine practice called Yoga. A divine and spiritual answer to all your stress related problems be it physical, emotional, or sentimental.

This Girl does YogaYoga (Yog in Sanskrit) originated in ancient India, is a spiritual discipline for attaining a state of permanent peace. Today teens especially girls, suffer a lot of pressure due to her surroundings, academic, personal factors and the physical changes. Trouble times are many, but these can be eased it out with the mystical Yoga.

Practicing Yoga in daily life makes you stress free and more relaxed. It helps in controlling your mind over body and other emotions, feelings, thoughts & actions that hamper your peace. In other words, it gives self-discipline. Amidst this, a girl undergoes a lot of physical changes. Yoga postures or asanas help a girl to cope up with the changes while giving strength and excellent body postures for the futuristic problems that may crop up. This is like a therapy that gives you a calmer outlook towards life and helps the overall well-being.

Yoga is a technique of purification of your body, mind and soul. It offers simple, easy to do self- help techniques that will last you a lifetime. Along with this practice, you can also take herbal and all natural supplements. Concentration on the self rather than outer stimulus will make you more aware of your own body and create a positive inner world.

Bed Bugs

Oh how irritating it is to wake up from a deep and wonderful slumber to an itchy, rash all over your body. What could this be? It couldn’t possibly be mosquito bites, I wasn’t outside in the wild for long, and it certainly isn’t spider bites. It must be bed bugs! These little blood-sucking vampires have caused a ridiculous allergic reaction Continue reading

Summer and Boys!

The scorching heat, cool drinks, extreme sports, pool parties and football fever. This is the season of summer and the boys like it out. Despite the soaring temperatures, boys get indulged in all the fun activities to beat the heat.

summer-and-boysIn this summer season, boys can get involve in a number of activities like learn a sport – horseback riding, rock climbing, baseball, tennis, art and craft activities like t-shirt painting, face paint, camping, hiking, adventure sports, photography, and so on. Boys also like to engage in activities that include physical exercises like cycling, swimming, kick boxing, break dancing, and other interesting stuff. This summer, go green by working for the environment. Boys can take up gardening. You can plant trees in your neighborhood, clean the streets and involve more people to work for the cause.

Its summer, and it has to be colorful, spunky and fashion driven. Yes, even boys follow fashion and summer being the best season to flaunt your style. They can wear bright colored tees in neon shades, orange, yellow, purple, blue, and basic white t-shirts with funny slogans or smart art printed on them. Along with it, khaki or linen pants and shorts with basic sneakers to flip flops can be worn. Make space for your new wardrobe by recycling your old stuff!

During summers, the main concern is of the food. Eating a lot of junk food, though hard to resist, can cause health problems. Hydrating the body is essential. Drink lots of fluids and fresh juices for a healthy and problem free summer.

Last but not the least, this season can have adverse effect on boys with poor immunity system or weak physical strength. For them, vital nutrients can be replenished with natural and herbal supplements. These revitalize your body and provide energy to combat all health related problems. So have a safe and fun summer!

Green Reading Ideas for Summer

green reading ideasGoing green simply means to reduce our carbon footprint or the amount of carbon dioxide emissions we produce. There are various activities to reduce the carbon emissions for an Eco-friendly environment. Teachers, parents, and neighbors always emphasize on this notion by using recycled paper, reduce the use of plastic, walk for short distances, use cycles instead of cars and scooters, save electricity, etc.

This is the summer season, and we all are experiencing the wrath of the sun. Playing outside may not be the best option. Staying indoors however can be exciting if kids involve with a simple activity called Reading! To give the reading habit a ‘green effect’, children can start a Book Club. You and your friends can together organize a club at your house. All you have to do is bring an old book of yours and put it on display for all to see. You can swap your old book with the one you haven’t read. In this way your old books get recycled and you can read new ones without having to pay.

Another Eco-friendly way is to join a local library or School library. They have a collection of thousands of books and instead of buying new, you can always rent them cheap. Also you can donate your old books in these libraries. If staying home doesn’t excite you, then you can simply take on a cycle ride to a museum or walk by to a visiting center. These places provide a lot of exciting things like art, cultures, histories and mysteries which can be read. Read the Eco-friendly way this summer.