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Girls, It’s Time to Wear the Eco-friendly Fashion!

Eco-friendly FashionWe girls love to dress up for every occasion, don’t we? Looking at the fashion divas in the magazines and on ramp, glamorously posing and walking, adorned in clothes made of fur, leather, suede and other fabrics make us go gaga over them. All such items scream high fashion and every girl dreams of having them in her wardrobe. I admit it is irresistible at times and we cave in to all such fashion needs but it is possible for us to become more sensitive to the fact that many animals are being killed for such materials. Although there are many designers who insist on exploiting animals in the name of fashion, but can’t we look for a better alternative to save the silent sufferers?

Yes, we can! Green is the new pink now. And I’m talking about stylish clothes that are both fashionable and eco-friendly. Fill your closet with specially made organic or natural clothes that are made of recycled products or organic cotton, silk, soy cashmere, hemp and bamboo that you can get in the best prices. The organic materials are grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Why am I referring to green clothing so much? It is because these clothes are soft and breathable. The fabric does not contain industrial dyes and so even after numerous washings, the color will stay. Do you know that the organic fabrics also provide us with sun protection as they contain UPF 50+ to guard against ultraviolet rays harm to our delicate skin? Also, the pesticides and chemicals used to manufacture the conventional fabrics not only harm us, but also impact the workers and the Earth.

The organic clothes come in a variety of colors that you can imagine and they all are devoid of any chemicals and harmful dyes. It seems now that every shop or brand I look for is talking about going green and being eco-friendly. To be in style, you must go Eco. The natural fabrics are increasingly being used to create non-leather or cruelty-free accessories, garments, shoes and bags.

I think it is just amazing that we girls can do so much to save our Earth by still being fashionable and green. So, follow the latest and be Eco-chic!

How Much Does a Solar Panel Cost?

solar panelA solar panel has silicon made cells that use the photovoltaic effect to transform the energy of sunlight (photons) into direct current (DC) electricity. This is later converted into the AC (alternating current) through an inverter. Most installations would require a gamut of panels.

As for the cost of solar panel, there can be no straightaway answer. Some houses utilize modest amounts of electricity; while others use huge amounts. Solar systems are available for all ranges as well.

Before you’re able to reach on a cost, you’ve to factor in several
variables –

  • Usage of kilowatt hours every month. Electric bill can indicate this information.
  • How many hours a day the sun shines?
  • Angle of sunlight on the panel
  • Federal tax credit and rebates offered by utility company.

The experts will determine the number of solar panels required to attain the energy production objectives and this will have direct bearing on the cost of the system.

Costs of installing solar panels are steadily declining in the US. From 2011 to 2012, the prices for solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems came down by a range of 6 to 14 percent. The drop in costs has supported a steep increase in the pace of installation. Moreover, the technology is also quickly developing and engineers are coming up with more efficient silicon cells that can produce more energy.

Finance options are available as well, so even if your savings fall short of the price, solar panels are well within your reach. Opting for it won’t just help your finances, but the environment as well.

My first kiss – Earthgirl


It was a cold afternoon as my nerves were tense from the brisk wind that whispered against my face. Three days before Christmas and all I wanted was my lips to touch the boy I had dreamed of ever since 6th grade. It was a year later now, my first year as a middle-school student and the year when girls began to date and hold hands with their boyfriends in the hallway. Drew always new I liked him and I think deep down, he liked me too. He would visit me at my locker before first period and walk me to class. We were intimidated by each other and our subtle shyness towards the small things. When we held hand after lunch, it felt as if nothing else in the world mattered, and it was beautiful. That day, after school, he walked me to the bus with his arm around me, and all I could think about was the snow that glistened off the grass, and my body trembled from the temperature. I think he knew I was nervous as we stood in front of my bus and admired each other in silence. I felt the eyes of the other kids on the bus watching us but I didn’t seem to care in the moment. Drew leaned in to hug me, and his lips swiftly touched mine. The moment was unbearably awkward but dauntingly beautiful, for I had experienced feelings I had never thought to experience in my life. He quickly let go and said “I hope you have a nice Christmas Amanda,” and walked away. I walked onto the bus, numb with overwhelming emotion and I sat in the nearest seat I could find. I had an awkward smirk on my face the entire ride home. I never experienced his lips on mine again after that day, but I am glad his lips were the first I had ever tasted.

American Canopy: A Gateway to America’s History and its connection with the Trees

American CanopyWhen Europeans first came to the US as settlers, there were roughly a billion acres of ancient forests. Westward expansion, industrialization, rapid population growth, the rise of the suburbs and various diseases have all exacted a toll. Today, the woodland acreage is down by about 25 percent and much of it is populated with young trees. If you like American history and the forests, you will probably enjoy this book as the author makes fascination connection between the two.

Eric Rutkow’s brilliant work ‘American Canopy: Trees, Forests and the Making of a Nation’ tells the story of the relationship between Americans and their trees across the entire span of their history. Eric’s book shows that the trees were essential to the early years of the republic and indivisible from the country’s rise as both an empire and a civilization. It tells fascination stories from the Liberty trees, where colonists gathered to plot rebellion against the British; Henry David Thoreau’s famous retreat into the woods; the creation of New York City’s Central park; the great fire of 1871 that killed a thousand people in the lumber town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin; the fevered attempt to save the American chestnut and the American elm from extinction; to the controversy over spotted owls and the old-growth forests they inhabited.

Rutkow also explains how trees were of deep interest to figures such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt, who oversaw the planting of more than three billion trees nationally in his time as President.

As passionate as the author is about trees, American Canopy is not an activist’s rallying cry. Rather it is an even-handed and comprehensive history that could not be more relevant. America started as a nation of people frightened of the intense woods and grew to rely on the forests for progress and profit. By the end of the 20th century, we came to understand that the globe’s climate is dependent on the preservation of trees. Most of us now share a sense that to destroy trees is to destroy a part of ourselves and endanger the future.

American Canopy is perfect for history buffs and nature lovers alike which is accessible, informative and thoroughly an entertaining read.

I Jumped out a Plane- Really!

plane-reallyHave you ever heard about conquering your fears? What if your fears stand in the way of achieving your dreams? I will not beat around the bush, clear out and say that I have a dream to fly like a bird and my only constraint is that I have acrophobia. This fear of heights has always been the most inappropriate feeling when I really wanted to do something as fabulous as skydiving! And sadly, most people give up on their dream and slide back into their comfort zone.

I broke the terror barrier and finally faced my fears, literally! As coincidence would have it, I found my alter ego in a friend and we both decided to grab the opportunity. There was no looking back. We were to experience free falling at 10,000 ft. in the air. I gained training and some basic instructions before experiencing the fall of my life. I was more worried than the day I received my graduation result. To my surprise, I found that I wasn’t the only one facing my fears, there were 5 more people crammed in that little plane, beside my friend. Also, much to my relief I realized that I would not be jumping by myself, I will be attached to a professional diver who will help me in my free fall. Phew! I was worrying needlessly because the moment I took my giant ‘fall’ of faith, I felt free and the child in me experienced the joy of flying like a bird. I was living my dream, 10,000 ft. off the ground.

How many times do we make assumptions that cause us needless worry and fear? Think back to the time where you wanted to do something badly but were afraid to. But when you finally attempted, you found it to be easier than you thought.

After the exuberant experience, I learnt that I can control my mind and allow myself to feel free and break all my terror barriers. Because at the end of the day, you will always have a professional diver attached to you in the scariest of times. And that diver is always going to be You! So, when will you break through the next terror barrier of your life?