Earth Girl – You Cut the Trees Only to Become Lifeless

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe drizzling rain woke me up early in the morning today. I went down the lane of the parachute trees that welcomed me with the cold rain water droplets with their arms lowered. The calm and cold breeze refreshed my breath as well along with my mind. Refreshment reached the utmost level.

I could see the insects busy in gathering food, birds feeding their children and animals playing with their kids. Everything was so enchanting that I felt like walking down the lane perpetually.

However, that was not to be. I had hardly walked for a few minutes when I heard the sound of someone striking wood with metal. It was filled with pain and sorrow. The trees were raspingly cut down from the roots. I tried to talk to them, trying to dissuade them from what they were doing, but to no avail. They said they had the mandate to cut the trees. The reason – a road was to be laid down!

It seemed as if they were stabbing at the heart of Mother Nature.

I remembered last year when I went to a hill station. While taking a walk outside the cottage, I slipped while taking a step because the soil slid away from its position. This was something that could be easily correlated to deforestation. The trees have the ability to hold the soil firmly. Soil erosion is the direct result of deforestation.

Flooding is one of the outcomes of soil erosion. When trees on the banks of the rivers are cut, the soil eroded is often washed away to the river bed which in turn increases the water level of the rivers causing flooding.

Deforestation leads to a tragic loss of biodiversity. Millions of plants and animal species are at the verge of extinction as a result of deforestation. The continued degradation of the forests also increases the threat of global warming as the trees are reducing that take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for photosynthesis.

Deforestation is leading to desertification as the cleared land is no longer suitable for planting trees. Due to the denuded forests on mountains, watersheds are degraded leading to reduced water supplies to the lowland communities. Due to the siltation caused by deforestation, the coral areas are degraded that affect the coral reefs.

It is hard to imagine and describe the pain that Mother Nature would be feeling with every tree falling down.

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