Lessons Learned from the Natural Disasters

For every cause there is an effect. Nature treats us the same way we treat her.

The natural disasters teach us to resist nothing and to just allow things to happen as they are meant to happen. Natural disasters like the Sandy super-storm remind us of the amazing power of Mother Nature.

The lack of preparation and the increased coastal population exacerbated the devastation caused by natural disasters. This is because of the reason that most people don’t think these disasters will happen to them and so are not prepared for them.

A question might come to your mind – Why keep looking back at past events? The answer is that we learn how to move forward by assessing our past actions, especially when it comes to disaster preparedness and recovery.

The way of handling disasters has changed a lot in the recent years. This can easily be evaluated by comparing the handling of Hurricane Katrina to Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Katrina led to the Post-Katrina Emergency Reform Act of 2006 (PKEMRA). On the approach of Hurricane Sandy on October 2012, the Federal support successfully pre-positioned and mobilized supplies and equipment in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. However, Hurricane Sandy has helped to point out a few areas that could still use some work.

There are a few preventive measures which can help in reducing the effects of natural disasters.

  • According to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), floods are the most common natural disaster. One way to reduce the effect of flooding is to restore and maintain river flood plains and wetlands.
  • Climate monitoring can help prevent human losses by notification of severe weather patterns. Storm warnings help in preparation and evacuation in case of a pending weather event.
  • Individuals can take training from the American Red Cross to prepare for natural disasters. It is also wise to have an emergency preparedness kit in your home since some natural disasters can come without warning.

It is obvious that we can’t resist or fight against the forces of nature. But we can learn from the past events and have a better future.

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