Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Plastic to Save Environment

recycling plasticPlastic bags are potential threats to nature because of their non-degradable nature. What makes me said is the fact that despite being aware of their negative impact on environment, people tend to use frequently, ignoring their responsibilities towards Mother Nature.

I believe that reducing, reusing and recycling plastic is one of the several judicious ways to protect Mother Nature. These steps are simple and they can help reduce waste and make the environment cleaner.

We can encourage people to resort to environment friendly practices by educating them on benefits of using recyclable bags.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the three simple steps that are sure to reduce the negative effect of plastic usage to a great extent. It is totally up to us to judge if we really need a plastic bag for carrying a small candy packet or similar items. If that is the case, you always have the option to decline using plastic for our daily chores.

We can considerably bring down the usage of plastic by reusing it. If we make it the habit of people to recycle the products, it will benefit us all. Moreover, it is not necessary to get a new plastic bag every time you need one. Using the old one means you will require less, thus bringing down the demand. Last but not the least, recycle. Next time you go to a grocer or retailer, remember to return those shopping bags, bread bags and dry cleaning bags etc.

Here are some advantages of recycling that will help you make up your mind for going green:

1. Recycling is a process of converting used materials in to new products that can be used again. It helps conserve important raw material.
2. Recycling of products uses less energy than required in manufacturing of new products altogether.
3. Elimination of extraction and refining process lowers air and water pollution. It also reduces emission of greenhouse gases.

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